French Payment Service Provider

  • operating in France and in Europe
  • providing the smarter payment mix
  • to any customers
  • for the purchase of digital goods and services

How we boost our client's revenue?

We help each day digital merchants
to outperform.

  • ROI-centric approach
  • Data analysis of customer preferences,
    eligibility requirements and billing limits to
    build “the perfect payment flow”
  • Premium account management: marketing
    consultancy, conversion optimization,
    business reviews…

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  • Offer a unique payment experience to
    your customers
  • Increase your conversions and revenues

More ways to pay.
Smarter mobile payments.


Who is Mobiyo?

Mobiyo is a leading European
carrier billing aggregator.

We love to meet the challenges
of our clients and partners
and cooperate in building up their

40+ countries covered 19+ years' experience in mobile payment 20,000 merchants worldwide 10+ million transactions monthly 60+ carriers

Smarter Payments.

"The same number of customers,
twice the revenue."

Mobiyo connects digital merchants and mobile operators.

Much more than just a Payment Service Provider (PSP), we help our clients maximise their revenue from mobile payment opportunities.

Anywhere, any time and on any device, we provide your customers the best way to pay and optimise your conversion rate.

You focus on your products and your customers, Mobiyo takes care of your payment flow and monitors your performance!

“Mobiyo has always been a great support, helping us improve our performances, grow abroad or deal with technical issues”

A unique one-stop shop for mobile payments.

Mobiyo offers you a one-stop shop model to monetise your digital content and services in Europe:

  • Single integration
  • Plug and play
  • Dashboard & Insights
  • One point of contact
  • Single contract

20,000 merchants use our solutions. And you?

  • Content publisher
  • One Mobiyo contact
  • Payment Solutions
  • Internet Providers
  • Carriers
  • Customers
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10+ payment methods.

Mobiyo provides a full range of mobile payment
solutions with the best possible conversion rate,
but that's not all:

More carriers.
More coverage.

Mobiyo lets you connect to
60 operators in Europe.

Reach new markets safely, reliably
and compliant!

Discover our coverage

and over 60 operators in Europe

More solutions.

We help digital merchants find the
best solutions to their specific

  • Better knowledge of their users
  • More subscriptions
  • Increased revenue
  • International expansion
  • Better conversion rate
  • Adding mobile payment to an
    existing business
  • Better user experience
  • Working within regulations
  • Decrease of fraudulous payments
  • Connecting to major

More confidence.

Do business in a safe and
secure environment!

To ensure our development and
sustainability, Mobiyo holds the
highest level of payment licences:

  • Agent of Payment Services Provider for all European
    Countries (ACPR)
  • L33-1 Operator Licence (ARCEP)

More partnerships
with carriers.

We are convinced that the future
of payments is “mobile first”.

We build win-win partnerships
to develop the use of phone billing
for digital goods.

We help mobile operators
distribute their billing solutions,
wilth a sales team structured
into market segments, focusing on
high added-value digital content, to
offer the best possible payment experience for your mobile subscribers.

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Latest news.

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