You are carrier.
At Mobiyo, we don’t just see
ourselves as a mobile
payment provider.

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We see ourselves as an
accelerator to your performance.


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  • Revenues
  • Churn
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  • Merchants
  • Digital contents
  • End-users

Mobiyo connects
mobile operators to

  • 250 carriers trust Mobiyo.
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Our deep conviction

“We are convinced that Direct Carrier Billing solution is a strong growth driver for carriers and merchants, and will revolutionize users’ usages and preferences in Europe.”

Our Ambitions

As the European Mobile Payment Leader, our priorities are to:

  • Provide, to European operators, the best of our 15 years expertise and innovation in mobile payment usages and, in particular in Direct Carrier Billing
  • Accelerate the development of DCB into Europe and drive user adoption
  • Promote and defend our common interests at the regulatory and professional associations, and merchants

Our Vision

By being closer to your expectations and issues, we are able to create involvement and value together

  • We prefer building a strong and sustainable partnership rather than being in classic customer-provider relationships
  • Being sensitive to your expansion strategy, we can rely your business development to new territories or new industries
  • As a leader and an accredited trusted third-party, we work towards the creation and the management of the optimal collaboration relationships between our business partners (merchants, regulatory and professional associations, carriers)

Here’s why so many leading carriers partner with Mobiyo:

Data & Business intelligence

  • 100+ million of transactions analyzed
  • Real-time indicators

Internal anti-fraud tools

Premium account management

  • Marketing consulting: solutions, process, offers…
  • Conversion optimization: landing pages, payment flow customization, user registration, A/B testing…
  • Business Reviews

R&D unit

  • Technical lab, product innovations, on-demand developments

Technical expert

  • Dedicated team, available 24/7, for integration and technical follow up, and operating tests

Administrative & deontological follow-up

Powerful tools

To analyse, consolidate and provide reliable and relevant data

Data analysis at each step of the transaction

Worldwide coverage

  • 250+ mobile operators
  • 90+ countries covered

One point of contact: our Carrier Relations Department

Privileged relationships with Carriers, to:

  • Drive pilot projects and detect business opportunities
  • Negotiate profitable revenues

Strong partnerships with regulatory and professional Associations

  • 15+ years of payment experience, 20+ payment methods, established network with 250 carriers in 90+ countries
  • Frequent audits by independent organisms

Higher level of payment & banking accreditations

Any digital content and service

  • Web services
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Ticketing
  • Information & media
  • Music & video
  • Social networks & dating
  • Donations to charity…

Marketing studies department

Hiring of experts

From the industries our merchants compete in to identify key issues and offer solutions that meet specialized needs

  • Review of new merchants (KYC protocol)
  • Permanent and real-time monitoring, to prevent suspicious activities
  • Control of revenue transfer
  • Active fight against fraud
  • End-users feedback
  • Secure and reassuring payment methods
  • Smooth and ergonomic flow, without any friction
  • Clear pricing information and subscription conditions
  • Implementation of billing limits to protect users against fraud and overconsumption
  • Multilingual customer care team reachable by phone or by email

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