What is DCB ?
Direct Carrier Billing

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DCB (also known as Direct mobile billing, Direct to bill and Direct operator billing) is a payment method for contents or digital goods that charges the purchase to a mobile phone account.
The charge will then appear on the phone bill or deducted from the pre-paid balance of the consumer.

Fully adapted for: Videos, Games, Music, Dating…

Benefits for merchants

  • Rapidly-growing solution with extensive mobile user coverage and superior mobile conversion rate
  • A payment method that meets consumer needs
  • Perfect for impulse purchase
  • One-click payment solution
  • With low risk rate
  • One-shot payment or subscription (to build customer loyalty)

Benefits for consumers

  • Pay anywhere, anytime
  • Latest technology, easy-to-use
  • Secure payment method (no confidential data needed)
  • Protection guaranteed (billing limits)

How it works?

The consumer makes a digital content selection on the website. Then, he will be taken through several payment pages, depending of his connection (3-4G or WiFi). His purchase will be charged to his mobile phone bill.

Example of DCB flow (using a 3G or a 4G connection):

Our flow automatically recognises the consumer’s
mobile number through the mobile network provider.
Once all steps have been successfully completed, the
digital content is available to the customer and a
purchase confirmation receipt will be sent to him via

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