What is Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

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The simplest way to pay


Only used for purchases of virtual goods and services, Direct Carrier Billing (also known as Direct Mobile Billing, Direct To Bill and Direct Operator Billing) is accessible to any smartphone owner having a subscription or a prepaid account with a mobile operator.

The transaction is entirely secured and does not require any personal or banking information.

The mobile user validates the payment with one click and has immediate access to his/her service. His/her purchase is then added on his/her mobile bill or his/her prepaid account, without any action on his/her part, nor additional costs.

Ideal for

Music & Videos


Dating & Social networks

Benefits for merchants

  • Rapidly-growing solution with extensive mobile user coverage and superior mobile conversion rate
  • A payment method that meets consumer needs
  • Perfect for impulse buying
  • One-click payment solution
  • Low risk
  • One-shot payment or subscription (to build customer loyalty)

Benefits for consumers

  • Pay anywhere, anytime
  • Latest technology, easy-to-use
  • Secure payment method (no confidential data needed)
  • Protection guaranteed (billing limits)

Test our DCB solutions :

One-shot payment

How does it work?

The consumer selects digital content on the website… then validates a number of  payment pages, depending on the connection mode (3G/4G or WiFi). The purchase will be charged to the buyer’s mobile phone bill.

Example of DCB flow (using a 3G or a 4G connection):

The consumer’s mobile phone number is automatically
recognised through the mobile network provider.
After successful completion of the different steps, the
digital content is made available to the customer and a
purchase confirmation receipt is sent by SMS.

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