What is Premium SMS (PSMS)?

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Premium SMS is a multi-operator solution allowing the monetisation of services and digital goods simply by sending an SMS. Consumers are just charged the cost of sending and receiving a premium-rate text message.
PSMS payment is one of the most-used methods worldwide for micro-transactions.

The SMS, ubiquitous in our daily lives

  • Communication and information: flight schedules, parcel delivery, alerts (pollution …)
  • Banking transactions validations
  • Entertainment (polls / TV games / etc.)
  • Donation to associations, tickets regulation, parking and tickets (shows, museums, etc.) since the law for a Digital Republic (Oct. 2016)
25 years old +15% per year for SMS marketing 94% of the French population can use it 180 billions SMS

Purchasing with SMS is:







Benefits for merchants

  • Compatible with 100% of mobile phones and operators
  • Wide range of price points
  • Used in over 85 countries

Benefits for consumers

  • Intuitive payment method completed in seconds
  • The most popular payment method for 25 to 34 year-olds

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