Gaming: no longer a Geeks only hobby!

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Gaming sector keeps on growing, boosted by permanent innovations and the current healthcare context.

Way more than just a leisure, playing video games has become a social link vector. This social dimension has been further accentuated since the beginning of the Covid 19 health crisis, conferring to video games, a key role: keeping in touch with loved ones.

In light of these facts, three French players, Ankama, Mobiyo and Veepee, from different universes, are breaking the rules and betting to accelerate this opening of gaming for the greatest number of people, through this unprecedented partnership…

Under Mobiyo’s initiative, and for the first time, Ankama selects the Carte Rose solution from Veepee|ad, the advertising solution of Veepee, to offer to their members an exclusive promotion.

Visit the Veepee app or website as of March 31 ( to discover this first Gaming offer by Ankama!

To find out more about it, contact us!

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