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As a responsible carrier billing company, Mobiyo undertakes to actively participate in
the development and sustainability of online payments billed via telecom operators and ISPs
in collaboration with all of the stakeholders of the ecosystem: consumers, carriers, regulatory and professional associations, merchants.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is our priority.
That’s why we permanently seek to:

  • Ensure correct identification of the service and the merchant
  • Provide all the required information about the service and the payment method
  • Facilitate subscriber management and unsubscribing
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Provide specialised multilingual customer support able to answer any question
  • Give personalised answers in conformity with our Customer Care Quality Charter

Service Quality & Ethics

We want to contribute to the quality and sustainability of payment methods. To that end, we permanently seek to:

  • Be familiar with the content and services provided by our merchants to their end-users
  • Validate the compliance with the regulations applicable to all payment methods: service eligibility, loyalty, consumer information,…
  • Ensure that services are correctly promoted (channels, communication)
  • Test the services on a regular basis in order to monitor their quality
  • Suggest to merchants the most suitable payment methods for their services

New Business Relationships


As confidence and transparency are the guardians of a sustainable relationship, we constantly seek to:

  • Identify the merchants we’d like to work with (service, added value,…)
  • Remain aware of the current situation of our merchants, their past experiences and references
  • Provide information concerning deontology rules, our anti-fraud policy, the obligations and responsibilities of each party

Relationships With Carriers & Institutional Stakeholders

We are convinced that the sharing of skills, experiences and ideas is a key factor of success, which is why we actively engage in:

  • Building relationships based on mutual confidence and a strong partnership, thereby promoting collaboration and discussion
  • Contributing to the preservation and improvement of current payment methods by submitting new proposals
  • Sharing any information that could negatively impact our activities and common goals
  • Participing in studies related to the evolution of the market, alongside other stakeholders



At Mobiyo, innovation and user experience are our top priorities, which is why we are constantly working to:

  • Design technical improvements to optimise customer experience
  • Detect functional, legal, and technical evolutions and analyse good practices
  • Develop new usages in line with the evolving consumer habits of users
  • Make new proposals to share and adopt innovation in our ecosystem

Development Of the Online Payment Market

We are convinced that consumers play a key role in the development of the market. We therefore permanently seek to:

  • Share and promote payment methods billed via telecom operators and ISPs to a wide public
  • Optimise the user experience by helping merchants to enhance their services
  • Launch new markets in partnership with carriers to open up new digital content services and opportunities

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