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Understand online payments,
charged on the mobile operators
and ISPs bills.

What is it?

Online payments are payment methods for
contents or digital goods that charge the
purchase to a mobile phone / an ISP account. The
charge will then appear on the ISP / phone bill (or
deducted from the pre-paid balance of the

Main strong points:

  • The consumer pays quickly with just a few clicks
  • No need to enter card details or confidential
    data as the charges will go onto the mobile
    phone / ISP bill.

Examples of contents and digital goods:

These contents and digital goods should have a low value (< €30)



Social networks & dating


Web services

Information & media

Music & video

Donations to charity

Several payment methods are used:

Who can use these payment methods?

Anyone who owns a mobile or an ISP subscription
and has credit can use them. These payment
methods are not available in all countries and on
all mobile / ISP networks.

To learn more about payment methods:

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Who is Mobiyo?

Mobiyo is a leading carrier billing
aggregator in Europe and more.

We have a trusted follow-up of
merchants that provide contents and
digital goods.

For payment & banking
accreditations, professional
certifications view our licences and certifications.

+90 countries carried. +15 years of payment experience. +20k merhants worldwide. +10m transactions processed monthly. 250 carriers.

Our commitments
for your satisfaction.

Consumer’s satisfaction is our priority.
That’s why we permanently seek to:

  • Ensure the identification
    of the service and the
  • Facilitate the subscriber
    management and the
  • Give personalized answers,
    within our customer care
    quality charter
  • Give all the required information
    about the service and the
    payment method
  • Improve the customer
  • Implement billing limits to
    protect users against fraud and
  • Provide a multilingual customer
    support, trained and able to
    answer any question

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